What will she face — now that school is back in session?

Our top priorities are based on those who are at highest risk…

The poor, students, young working women, victims of violence, mothers who already have dependents — and those who have suffered previous abortions.

…and what they say they need!

Women deserve better. Girls deserve better, too.

Within our unique mission of resources and support, we are working hard this summer to find teens where they are with powerful and inspirational messages — and information they need and deserve — so that they will NOT become prey OR predators. We must teach our young people to know their worth — and the worth of their peers!

From the teenage boy who demands that nude photo from a girl (and does not realize that having possession of it is a crime, and once out on the internet, that image could easily ruin a girl’s life) — to the “modelling agencies,” and pimps on the street, to the more infamous Epsteins, Weinsteins, and Maxwells, we must get ahead of exploitation, abuse, and violence — including abortion, many illegally performed by a woman reporting to the pimp!!

If teens and collegians are never taught certain fundamental truths that they have inherent worth and are Forever PricelessSM, then they can be easily manipulated and used by abortion advocates (who also groom children for predators and oftentimes hide sexual abuse by older males), and they and other predators will reign!!

Parents and teachers must be the first line of defense.

So we are developing pro-life, pro-girl materials that can be used by parents with their children — and by high school leaders and advisers that can be used in class and at meetings, assemblies, or conferences. And we will reach our teens where they “live” on social media.

What will she face — now that school is back in session? What will she face — now that school is back in session?With your support, we will help girls know the warning signs and provide assertiveness training.

We will teach her “how to say no to a boy without hurting his feelings.” Parents can take it to the next level.

You read the first steps of our effort in the last issue of The American Feminist magazine, “FOREVER Priceless.” Leave it out for a teen to read!

We are also expanding our hugely popular First Wave Feminist Course and Quiz for homeschooling parents, parochial, private (including boarding schools), and public school teachers. Teens need to know our rich pro-life feminist history!

During the spring and summer, we have been working hard to reach collegians.

During the pandemic, many pro-life student groups fell apart! It is already difficult enough for a group of officers to pass on leadership to the next generation, but adding in COVID-19, the groups didn’t meet or simply dissolved!

It will be labor-intensive in finding and reestablishing groups and then providing them with FFL kits for tabling to grow their group, speakers, Pregnancy and Parenting Resource ForumSM moderators, and one-on-one support and problem solving. But this hard work will be well worth the investment, especially on campuses that are increasingly hostile to pro-life students!

We cannot afford to lose this class of students, the future leaders in all areas. It starts by them knowing their worth early on — and recognizing worth in each other and in every newly formed human being.

With all of the preparations being made for the crucial school year ahead, we continue to reach 10,000 women a month through our helpsite, WomenDeserveBetter.com. With new articles, such as “Frugal Food Strategies” and “Getting Around for Less Money” about transportation solutions for those who live in urban, suburban, and rural areas, we are answering the unmet needs of struggling mothers.

Think about it. Millions of women disproportionately lost their jobs during COVID-19, many due to caretaking responsibilities. And now, with added pressure from soaring fuel costs that impact every food supply and basic need, mothers are hungry to stretch their dollar to feed and care for their families.

There is a new generation to reach, and new needs to meet, as millions of women disproportionately lost their jobs during COVID.

We envision reaching our mission in our lifetime — so that little ones will have theirs.

Until“No more women cry. No more children die,” you and I will be there for them.

Because women — and girls — deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America
Women Deserve Better
& The American Feminist