FFL first led the revolution to identify resources (on and off campus) and to create on-campus support through policies, resources, and communication strategies. Students, administrators, faculty, alums, and donors can help us advance the revolution by using FFL’s Tools for Schools to ensure pregnant women, expectant fathers, parents, and birthparents won’t be forced to choose between terminating their education and supporting their children.

Step 1: Assess & Plan

  • Request your free Revolution on Campus kit—full of FREE posters, brochures, and materials proven to grow your group! Contact us for your free kit today!
  • Do you know if women who are pregnant or parenting on campus have the resources and support they need to stay in school?
  • Complete FFL’s Pregnancy and Parenting Resources SurveySM, evolved over 20 years from FFL’s original Pregnancy Resources SurveySM, to evaluate your campus for pregnant and parenting resources.
  • Contact us to help tailor your plans for the school year!

Step 2:  Educate

  • Table using your FREE Grow Your Group student kit. “Voices of Our Feminist Foremothers” is a terrific brochure—especially in advance of the Centennial Celebration of the 19th Amendment in 2020!
  • Get the word out by posting our striking posters and adsdownload or order our thought-provoking ads—and share our feminist history memes via social media posted throughout the year.
  • Host an FFL Speaker. Our highly acclaimed speakers visit campuses across the country to share their stories and educate college audiences about our rich pro-life feminist history, violence against women, and sexual harassment.
  • Download our images and make your own t-shirt. Instructions and images here.

Step 3: Transform your campus with holistic resources and support

Learn about being an FFL intern here.

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Email info@feministsforlife.org for resources, support, speakers, and moderators. Check out feministsforlife.org and womendeservebetter.com and join us via social media.