Walk in the shoes of your feminist foremothers.

After Alice Paul, the author of the original Equal Rights Amendment told FFL cofounder Pat Goltz that the early American feminists were pro-life, FFL historians were the first to research and reveal the truth to the feminist and pro-life movements: Without known exception, our feminist foremothers opposed abortion (and like Susan B. Anthony) sought to address the root causes that drive women to abortion. Learn and share our original research and help FFL herald a better day when we fulfill the unrealized dream of Susan B. Anthony.

Start—or support—a pro-woman, pro-life feminist revolution on campus.

FFL first led the revolution to identify resources (on and off campus) and to create on-campus support through policies, resources and communication strategies. Students, administrators, faculty, alums and donors can help us continue the revolution by using FFL’s Tools for Schools to ensure pregnant women, expectant fathers, parents and birthparents won’t be forced to choose between terminating their education or support their children.

Help is here for pregnant women, expectant fathers, parents, and birthparents!

Struggling to find resources and support on campus, workplace, and your community or from your family and friends? Do you have a special needs baby—or are you hoping to adopt? Or maybe you are being coerced into making a decision that’s not best for you and your baby. Help is here so you don’t have to be a superhero (but we think our donors, members and activists sure are)!

Meet FFL's Dynamic Speakers!

2020 Vision

In celebration of the ratification of the suffrage amendment (also known as the Anthony Amendment in honor of Susan B. Anthony) on August 18, 1920, Feminists for Life of America is pleased to announce the 2020 Vision Campaign. As we look toward the 2020 Centennial Celebration of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed adult American women the right […]

The Feminist Case Against Abortion

FFL President Serrin M. Foster is the creator of the Women Deserve Better® campaign. Her landmark speech, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion,” has been recognized as one of the “great speeches in history” in an anthology called Women’s Rights. She has focused on developing on-campus resources and support for underserved pregnant and parenting students and is an outspoken opponent of […]

Victory over Violence

Joyce McCauley-Benner presents “Slaves Among Us: Sex Trafficking in the U.S.” and “Victory Over Violence,” her personal story. For the past 15-plus years, Joyce has worked as an advocate for vulnerable populations, including sex trafficking victims, domestic violence victims, and low-income families. While working with those populations, she was a case manager, researcher, and legal […]

Speak Up & Speak Out About Sexual Harassment

Cynthia J. Wood presents her brand-new training course, “Speak Up & Speak Out About Sexual Harassment: Find Your Assertive Voice.” Cynthia serves as the National Operations Coordinator for Feminists for Life of America. Prior to FFL, she worked for the federal government for 35 years as a trainer for numerous workshops, including Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), Effective Communication, […]