Intern with Feminists for Life


Intern At FFL!

We need help on some new and exciting projects at Feminists for Life!

Telecommuting interns are needed now in the following areas:

  • · design (experience with Adobe including InDesign and Photoshop required)
  • · social media–both technology and marketing
  • · researchers and writers
  • · copy and content editors
  • · project coordinators–including help for our College Outreach Program, Roe v. Wade events, and FFL’s Annual Capitol Hill Briefing in the summer!


If you are pro-woman and pro-life, have the skills, some time on a regular basis, and are driven to help those at the highest risk of abortion, please apply now.

E-mail us at with  your resume and phone number, a cover letter explaining your beliefs, history  with the pro-life and women’s causes (especially Feminists for Life) and  sample writing or design (depending on your interest.
College students may apply with their university for course credit. Fall, spring and summer applications are being accepted now. Summer interns work on our Annual Capitol Hill Intern Briefing and many more exciting projects.
We appreciate all inquiries. Due to the anticipated volume, we will reply to those who best match our needs.


What Do Past Interns Say About Internships at FFL?

“I began at FFL as an intern immediately following the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life at Georgetown, an event I helped to organize. This was the day that I met FFL’s Honorary Chair, Margaret Colin. (You may know her as Eleanor, Blair’s mother from Gossip Girl.) Her advice rings in my ears today as I continue my pro-life activism: “Remember the woman.”

Since January, I have tabled at conferences, researched vital statistics, staffed events for other college activists, and even spoken on Capitol Hill at the FFL intern briefing!

I have been able to communicate with countless student leaders from across the country, giving them ideas on how to help women in the same way that Georgetown does — with a full array of resources and support for pregnant and parenting students, and sharing with them how Feminists for Life can help them start a revolution on their campuses.

While other interns had a forgettable summer in front of a Xerox machine, I had an experience with Feminists for Life that I’ll long remember!”

Caitlin Devine, 2009 Intern
Executive Director, 2010 Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life
President Emeritus, Georgetown University Right to Life

“The summer that I spent interning at FFL opened my eyes to the needs of women and how FFL, through words and action, is meeting those needs. Interning gave me a chance to experience the power of this movement firsthand… Every day I am re-energized by knowing that the work that we do, the work of FFL, makes a difference in the lives of women, children, and families.”

Natalie Nardelli, graduate student
Duquesne University

“We interns were involved in so many things, including welfare reform, child support, and pro-life legislation on the Hill.”

Kerri-Ann Kiniorski
Cornell University

“It was an eye-opener to work with so many groups that have such different approaches to solving the problems faced by women and children.”

Dina Dagrizikos
Loyola University, Chicago

“Interns work directly with the executive director. I was also given countless opportunities to make use of my talents and pursue my individual interests.”

Wendy Harrison
Ohio Wesleyan University

“FFL is in a thousand places at once: on the Hill, in the media, looking for real solutions to the problems women face.”

Elise Ehrhard
George Washington University