Girls Deserve Better®

Today, teens and young women are challenged in ways unheard of in the last decade, or even in the last century.

Our society oversexualizes vulnerable teens and young women. 

Abortion providers, advocates, predators, teen media, entertainment industry executives, and their allies—including legislators—have worked hard to blur the margins of
– what is good,
– what is acceptable,
– and what is expected.

You may be put at risk of exploitation by your peers, lured into trafficking by friends and—if that wasn’t enough—suffering abortions.

Maybe it starts with a kid at school pushing you for that nude on Snapchat, or worse, taken by organized gangs or used by notorious, powerful men and their surrogates. They are predators who see minors as easy prey. Girls. Deserve. Better.

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What are you up against?

  • Imagery in music, videos, movies, magazines, online web spaces like Vox and Teen Vogue, and the fashion industry.
  • Peers at school who have been trained to victimize others.
  • What is being taught in schools by some teachers, coaches, and scout leaders—who were supposed to protect you.
  • Planned Parenthood and for-profit clinics, and judicial bypass groups aimed at coming between you and your parents and other people that really love you.

What can you do?


What can teens and young women do?

  • Be aware.
  • Listen to your instincts.
  • Focus on school and extracurricular activities.
  • Report anything that is “off” to parents, counselors, police.
  • Find a mentor, especially if you don’t have a strong female role model in the family.
  • Recognize that true friends don’t use and abuse you.


What can parents do?

  • Open our eyes.
  • See the signs of unusual behavior.
  • Educate our daughters.
  • Keep the focus on her future. 
  • Know what is being taught to our children.
  • And know who is hanging around with her.


We know there are predators who think of our teens as prey. Of course, they are not everyone, but they are everywhere.

And they would, if given the opportunity, put every girl at risk of abuse, exploitation, and a spectrum of violence, including abortion.

“FOREVER Priceless,” the next issue of The American Feminist, will prepare parents, guardians, mentors, counselors—and teens, collegians, and young women to know what to look out for.

It is not meant to frighten, but to empower you and yours….

Read more about our stunning new issue of The American Feminist in our sneak preview here:

We also want you to know that our helpsite is for you, too, as you Work, Learn, Live, and Love better.

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You are important because YOU are YOU. Not because of what designer you wear, what car you drive, what you have in the bank, whom you date, who your parents are, or where or how you were conceived. Your value is who YOU are, the opportunities you take to learn at school and in life — and what you can do to help others. And even if you have an identical twin, there is no one else just like you. Pass it forward.

Our teens are navigating a difficult world. 

Teens can feel immortal, and something that sounds fun — like a trip with someone more powerful — could put her in a really risky situation. They are bombarded with images that highlight sexuality, and sometimes, even by middle school, they are answering texts asking for nude pics. Very few realize that is child pornography. The camera freezes a moment in time that lives on forever in a cyber world. I will do what I can to protect our daughters. Girls deserve better.

When a woman’s or girl’s body is commodified and objectified, such as within sex trafficking and in pornography, it’s no wonder she starts to be undervalued.

When a woman’s or girl’s body is used and abused, such as in intimate partner violence, then it is no surprise she is undervalued.

When a woman’s or girl’s body is undervalued and mistreated, she is not seen for her worth. She becomes piecemeal, to be used in ways that fit the oppressor, or to fit into the status quo of society. Girls deserve better.

Pop culture often objectifies women and girls’ bodies in songs, movies, merchandise, ads. The status quo will tell you that your worth is based on your sex appeal. SAY NO TO THE STATUS QUO. 

Say “yes” to your future, and get there safely and with strength and smarts.

“I am worthy of respect.” You can say this and even repeat it, but first, you must truly believe it.

Do not rely on your own “feeling” of your worth. That is called “self-worth,” a problematic term defined as “a feeling of one’s own value as a human being.” The problem is, feelings are flighty things and can change quickly. What if you have a damaged sense of your own worth to the point that you devalue and disrespect yourself? Think how easy it will be to let others devalue and disrespect you as well.

Instead, grab hold to this truism: You have inherent dignity, worth, and value not because of a feeling created by you or anyone else. Your inherent worth and dignity is yours simply because of your humanity.
Remember this: You are deserving of respect, and no one has the right to disrespect you.

When you find yourself having to choose between doing something to impress, please, or not offend someone and doing what you know in your heart and mind to be the right thing, take out an index card and put a price on your peace of mind, your dignity, and your worth.

Unfortunately, many will tell you: Everyone has a price.

But before you sell yourself short and live in that world of regret, tear up that price tag, take out another index card, and write these words: “I am priceless, forever priceless,” and walk away proud with your dignity and worth intact.

I am worthy of love and respect. I am beautiful, strong, and brave. No one can put a price tag on my body or me. It is not OK to harm my body or my feelings. Ido not have to do anything I am not ready for. I am FOREVER Priceless.
Girls Deserve Better than abuse.

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