November 16, 2022

What now?? More Powerful than Congress, Courts, Corporations, & College Administrators…

Yesterday, we received a request for help from a counselor who has a client urgently needing help with child support and housing.

Thanks to our helpsite contributors and donors, I was able to quickly direct the counselor to provide the assistance the mom needed.

From federal government agencies to college and university administrators and corporations, there is additional pressure on women to abort their children. 

We even see those sporting the feminist label justifying abortion for poor women. Sadly, they don’t really believe in the strength of women. They offer no hope or help. We do.

The undue burden isn’t children. It is the lack of support. Abortion solves nothing.

Many in the pro-life movement are wondering: What now?

We are not powerless! It always comes down to this: One person who can reach her, who will support her — one on one where she is at: online, in school, at work.

  • Put our new bumper sticker on your laptop or car to get her to the helpsite.
  • Provide Women Deserve Better® helpsite brochures to your women’s center, place of worship, or campus counselor.
  • If you are in human resources or a medical setting, or you are a counselor, a family member, or friend, introduce her to — and let her know you are there, as well as your local pregnancy resource center.
  • And if you are the father, do what you can to support her and your child.

Meanwhile, thanks to you, FFL will continue to advance the solutions for women who are at highest risk.

With this I am pleased to announce the year-end match is on — and we will reveal the next important issue of The American Feminist!! As we focus on holistic solutions that women say they need and deserve, consider how you can make a difference:

Right now, your single gift will be doubled. New or increased monthly gifts will be double-matched. Corporate matches double your gift yet again.

I urge you: Don’t. Give. Up. Remember how far we have comeas well as how much we need to do.

When you help a woman in need — one on one and by our support of our helpsite, you can be more powerful than Congress, courts, corporations, or college administrators, because you make the vital difference between life, a better life, and a terrible loss. 

As we approach the end of our 50th Birthday, I urge you to make your strategic gift now so that all women who are carrying their precious children will celebrate their birthdays.

Because women — and girls — deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America
Women Deserve Better
& The American Feminist

P.S. Please look for our next mailings, including my annual Thanksgiving Report and an announcement about the next issue of The American Feminist“Life After Roe.” And yes, together we will do all we can to ensure there is life, a better life for them through resources and support.