December 16, 2022

She needs your help, now more than ever…

As we celebrate our first holiday season post-Roe and share so many holiday moments that are made more meaningful with our family, women are under new and additional pressures to abort their children, never to know the joys of motherhood.

Under more pressure from our own federal government, employers, and college administrators, many now willing to pay for leave and travel to abort her little one, she is now expected to sacrifice her child.

Under pressure from every direction, not knowing if she can heat her home, find formula, feed her children, pay for prescriptions, she does not know how she can make it.

Planned Parenthood and others offer a bitter pill by mail that will leave her alone to face the remains of her unborn child.

Abortion providers advertise they will cross state lines and are now on track to send out mobile RVs — and I predict ships off the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Like their brick-and-mortar businesses, they will hold her hand and offer a tissue when she cries. Payment is accepted by cash or credit card.

And later, perhaps even years later, she will finally mourn that child that should have been.

Robbed from that first tender kiss and cuddle, she will get her own tissues.

I wish I could tell you that 49 years after Roe, we could simply celebrate our 50th Birthday — that we could rest and say our job is finished. But I can’t.

As Feminists for Life, we will, we must, reach her one on one, in high school, on campus, in the workplace, and online through our Women Deserve Better helpsite. We can raise her up — before she regrets a decision that could haunt her for a lifetime.

With your support we stand ready, prepared, and committed to reach her where she is at — with messages of hope, with pro-woman policies and practical solutions — and with a belief in the strength and dignity of women knowing that she can do this every step of the way.

And yes, as so many of you have written, Feminists for Life, is “needed, now more than ever.”

Because women — and girls — deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America
Women Deserve Better
& The American Feminist

P.S. The three ways to match your year-end gift is on! As we see the exponential onslaught of new efforts to put women under pressure, the FFL Board and Friends will match your single gift. Another group of friends will double-match new or increased monthly gifts! And corporations will match your gift yet again. We also accept gifts of stock.

I thank you in advance for your sacrifice and support.