First Wave Feminist History Course

Feminists for Life of America is pleased to announce our First Wave Feminist History Course!

Each article and series of pop quizzes, mostly multiple choice along with a few short writing assignments, were designed by our Editor and Director of Public Education (aka our Quizmaster Extraordinaire), Damian J. Geminder.

FFL is making feminist history fun and factual, teaching you what you likely didn’t know about our feminist foremothers and forefathers — of all backgrounds — while also highlighting our pro-life creds.

This is a great tool for homeschoolers, boarding schools, colleges and college preparatory schools, parochial schools, public schools — and just for fun for the rest of us!

Pro-life groups in high schools and on campus are strongly encouraged to share this NEW tool. 

The correct answers to quiz questions are revealed as you fill in the answers for instant reinforcement.

Our course goes far beyond the minimum curriculum requirements for Common Core, Standards of Learning, the Board of Regents, or other state requirements. 

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FFL’s First Wave Feminist Course