2015 News

• Dec 16, 2015 Highlights of what YOU made possible in 2015!

• Nov 5, 2015 The Board of Directors of Feminists for Life of America congratulates FFL President Serrin M. Foster and FFL speakers Joyce McCauley-Benner and Chaunie Brusie for being named by Newsmax as three of its 100 Most Influential Pro-Life Advocates, specifically as numbers 34, 38, and 39 in the ranking.

Oct 14, 2015 Feminists for Life President Serrin Foster will moderate the 20th annual Pregnancy Resource Forum at Georgetown University.

Oct 1, 2015 Help us celebrate the beauty inherent in every pregnant woman and unborn child. Help make people think about what it means to peacefully coEXIST — and send a message of support.

Sept 14, 2015 Feminists for Life is thrilled to announce our BRAND NEW “Raising Kids on a Shoestring” website filled with free and frugal resources, creative solutions, and practical support for pregnant women, expectant fathers, and parents — including adoptive parents and parents of children with special needs.

• Aug 20, 2015 The woman emotionally describes how they did everything possible to deliver a perfectly formed baby boy and stimulated his tiny heart to force one last beat — only to be dismembered and harvested for body parts. I will admit. I had to stop watching the video. I just couldn’t continue. I am sickened and heartbroken….

• Aug 18, 2015 Once again abortion is front and center in the political debate. The first question asked at our Feminists for Life’s Annual Capitol Hill Intern Briefing was: What do you have to say as a feminist group about the recent videos? Seventies women’s advocates used to complain that the pro-life movement saw women as “host beings.” Now we know who really sees women as host beings and who is treating our children as chattel.

Jul 17, 2015 — The news that Planned Parenthood is selling body parts after performing illegal partial birth abortions is sending shock waves throughout the country. Let me tell you why I am not so shocked. It’s Déjà vu.

• Jun 3, 2015 — FFL President Serrin M. Foster will appear on EWTN News Nightly on Thursday, June 4, 2015. Be sure to set your DVR at 6:00 PM ET so you don’t miss it. (Repeat of the show will be aired at 9:00 PM and 2:00 PM ET.) View the YouTube video starting at 18:25.

• May 12, 2015 — Controversy at Norbert. As the collegiate school year draws to a close, I want to say thank you for another fantastic year. My last event was at St. Norbert College, WI where I was invited to speak a week after Gloria Steinem addressed students. It caused quite an uproar…

• March 6, 2015 — FFL wants your help to identify revolutionary efforts and best practices to directly address the unmet needs of women and children at high risk of abortion.

• March 3, 2015 — No one, not even FFL, has taken on the task of educating the educators about our rich, feminist history — until now. So this March, we will make women’s history by sharing it with those who teach it!

• February 20, 2015 — Calling all parents, birthmothers, counselors (on campus, chaplains, pregnancy resource center volunteers and staff, etc.), grandparents, and other caregivers to give us the MOST helpful suggestions you can contribute to our next FABULOUS issue of The American Feminist!

• February 18, 2015 — Women’s History Month. Please make plans now to share our rich pro-life feminist history to your community–women’s history events, religious communities, campus–or just keep some in your car as needed! Order your materials now.

• January 16, 2015 — Join the Feminists for Life at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. on January 22, 2015 on the side of the Mall on the nearest the main entrance to the National Museum of American History.

• January 15, 2015 — Walk in the Shoes of Your Feminist Foremothers: Major Pro-Life Events Across the US to Commemorate the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton

• January 13, 2015 — Read Serrin’s Landmark Speech, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion,” and Hear Her on “America This Week”.

• January 8, 2015 — FFL President Serrin Foster introduces “First Wave Feminists: Remarkable Pro-Life Women® and Other Suffragists You Should Know,” a powerful issue of our magazine, The American Feminist.”