We are NOT powerless. Give voice to the voiceless…

The woman emotionally describes how they did everything possible to deliver a perfectly formed baby boy and stimulated his tiny heart to force one last beat — only to be dismembered and harvested for body parts.

I will admit. I had to stop watching the video. I just couldn’t continue. I am sickened and heartbroken.

But I saw enough to share in the despair, the anger, and the frustration many of us feel and to sympathize for the many who painfully regret having or participating in an abortion.

We are not powerless!

As Feminists for Life, we give voice to the voiceless — both the woman and the child. It’s time to step it up.

We need to reach both hearts and minds before more women enter an abortion clinic, before more lives of women, teens, and their unborn children are lost.

We have tools to help you advocate and educate on behalf of women and children.

Something as simple as a bumper sticker can tell thousands of people that “Women Deserve Better® than Abortion” and “Peace Begins in the Womb.”TWO BUMPERS STICKERS

Your FFL membership also comes with a “Feminists for Life: Pro-Woman Pro-Life” bumper sticker.

We have placards that declare “All People Are Equal. All Choices Are Not” and “Women Deserve Better® than Abortion” on the flip side.

placards-smWe also have these ads– and many more — available as FREE downloadables.

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If you are a writer advocating or educating others, don’t forget FFL’s talking points are included with “Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice Questions.”   It is also available for purchase.ProLife QA

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And while you advocate for the lives of children, ALWAYS remember the woman.

Consider how what we say might feel to a woman who is mourning. Our words should always welcome those suffering after an abortion to our movement and help her find healing.

If you know someone who needs help now, get them to our list of resources for pregnant women, parents, students, victims of violence, and many more. Go to www.feministsforlife.org, then click on “resources.”

And if you are in a position to help us reach the next generation at high-risk of abortion now, and the future leaders of tomorrow, send a kit to campus or sponsor an event.

In these dark times, be the light.

Because women deserve better–and every child deserves their life!