FFL wants your help to identify revolutionary efforts and best practices

FFL wants your help to identify revolutionary efforts and best practices to directly Bright Idea address the unmet needs of women and children at high risk of abortion.

That would include model efforts to serve those at risk including:

– poor and pregnant women who are victims of domestic violence or conceived through sexual assault,

-those who help pregnant and parenting women struggling in the workplace, and

– those in college.

Since half of all abortion are repeat abortion, we would also like to hear about support for women and men who are healing from abortion.

To nominate an organization, please give their name, location, website, and an essay of 500-800 words that clearly explains the goal, objectives, outcomes, number of clients served and examples of success along with your complete name, email and phone number where you can be reached.  Be sure to describe what the organization is doing that is new, exceptional, high quality, and/or revolutionary? If inspired by Feminists for Life, please include the history as you know it.

If possible, we also need high resolution images of the facility and/or clients served. (Note: We will provide the required model releases for any people featured in the photographs you provide if included in the upcoming magazine.)

By your submission you give permission for your work to be used as a basis in an article.

If selected, the organization will be included in an upcoming issue of The American Feminist® The winners will also be sent copies of The American Feminist® to share with their Board and their key supporters.

Like our FFL’s College Outreach Program, we want revolutionary efforts to go viral.

Please include: “Nomination” in the subject line. Send your submission to info@feministsforlife.org by March 23rd.

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster