Media Advisory: In Advance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

ALEXANDRIA, VA: FFL Speakers Joyce McCauley-Benner and Cynthia J. Wood, J.D., are available for interviews in advance of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Joyce McCauley-Benner presents “Slaves Among Us: Sex Trafficking in the U.S.” and “Victory Over Violence,” her personal story. For the past 20-plus years, Joyce has worked as an advocate for vulnerable populations, including sex trafficking victims, domestic violence victims, and low-income families.

While working with those populations, she was a case manager, researcher, and legal advocate. Joyce weaves her personal story of pregnancy after rape along with experiences from her advocacy efforts to help audiences understand the powerful connection between the exploitation of women and the exploitation of abortion.

As a pro-life feminist, Joyce has also worked as a racial justice facilitator and community organizer, and currently oversees a utility assistance program for low-income families in addition to her pro-life feminist work. She is a frequent contributor to FFL’s magazine, The American Feminist, and has addressed poverty, violence, and exploitation during her presentations on campus, on Capitol Hill, and at international conferences.

Cynthia J. Wood, J.D., presents “Know Your Worth.” Cynthia serves as the National Operations Coordinator for Feminists for Life of America. Prior to FFL, she worked for the federal government for 35 years as a trainer for numerous workshops, including Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), Effective Communication, and team-building and leadership workshops. Cynthia received a law degree from University of Houston Law Center in 1999. She has been a Bar Member of the D.C. Court of Appeals, Virginia, and Florida. She is married and has four children.

To kick off Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Cynthia will be presenting “Know Your Worth” at the Heartbeat International Annual Conference in Jacksonville, FL, on Friday, April 1. You can view her presentation on our YouTube page.

Many of the issues we face, including sexual harassment and assault, come down to the question of worth and whom you let determine it. Cynthia discusses the influencers in our lives and where our inherent worth should come from. While forewarning the danger of putting a price on our worth, Cynthia stresses the importance of knowing our worth is priceless — or as Joyce would say, “forever priceless℠”!

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