October 7, 2022

Support her this Respect Life Month…

This year has seen untold challenges for the most vulnerable women and children. From supply chain woes, to the inexplicably still ongoing formula shortage, these women and children need our — and your — help more now than ever.

When better than Respect Life Month to support women and children?

Thanks to you, for each of the past two years, we were able to reach more than 125,000 pregnant women, mothers, and primary caretakers across the country via our Women Deserve Better helpsite, with now more than 280 timely articles designed to help her WORK, LEARN, LIVE, and LOVE better. Check out the latest articles below:

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Help at School for Children with Disabilities

How to Lovingly Discipline Teenagers

6 Tips for Patient Parenting

Need Help with Phone and Internet Costs?

How Can You Help with the Formula Shortage?

Your impact is being felt not just online but in her community as well. One Washington D.C. pregnancy resource center has begun proudly displaying our Women Deserve Better brochures, along with other informational literature.

You can purchase or donate brochures individually or our entire Women Deserve Better Kit, which is ready to reach women at medical offices (OB-GYNs, pediatricians, general family practitioners), as well as pregnancy resource centers, faith-based counselors, and on-campus advisers. Our kit includes:

  • 100 Women Deserve Better brochures,
  • 5 issues of our stunningly designed edition of The American Feminist“Breaking Barriers,” and
  • 5 of our “Say NO to the Status Quo™” bumper stickers to get the word out that help is here!

This $49 kit is tax-deductible when ordered as a gift for another nonprofit, including schools (a savings of nearly $15 when purchased separately). Let us know where you want this kit shipped (we’ll even include a note from you!), or you can deliver it in person yourself. You can also donate as a tribute to someone special.

Check out our Shop to support your local community help organization today!

Finally, if you haven’t already, you should have received our NEW Women Deserve Better bumper sticker. If you haven’t, let us know!

On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of mothers and caretakers we continue to serve this Respect Life Month and every month, thank you.

Because women — and girls — deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Women Deserve Better

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