Double Reveal!

The next great issue of The American Feminist is at the printers! For this post-Dobbs issue, we graced the cover in olive branches, a sign of peace. “The Missing Peace” helps readers understand and answer the most pressing issues of our era. 

From rural maternity deserts to addressing racial disparities in maternal heath outcomes, “Giving Birth in America” gives understanding to the challenges mothers face—challenges not solved by abortion!

Devastating, heart-breaking news about a dying child in the womb deserves our condolences and full support. One mother’s story gives the pro-life feminist response in “When the Baby is Going to Die.”

Do pro-life laws allow for miscarriage management? Obstetrician Dr. Ingrid Skop, and attorney Mary E. Harned, separate fact from media misinformation in a “A Miscarriage of Justice.”

“Statewide Alternatives to Abortion” highlights model state efforts to offer resources and support.

A rape-survivor answers the most quintessential question in the abortion debate, “What About Rape?”

We highlight the work of our “Girls Deserve Better” campaign with the help of our interns.

Read how an FFL intern challenged her campus community to consider if pregnant and parenting students are really supported on campus in “Pregnant Students Deserve GW Support.”

You won’t want to miss this issue!

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Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster

Joyce McCauley-Benner
Director of Public Education

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