October 30, 2023

Help Pregnant Abused Women!

We don’t celebrate Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but we do observe it.

Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to abuse.

We hope you nor any family or friends can use this info, but just in case, here are practical tips from our Director of Public Education and Editor Joyce McCauley-Benner who has managed a domestic violence shelter: 

Do You Know the Signs of Intimate Partner Violence?

When You Don’t Feel Safe at Home

What to do if you are being stalked

Have You Heard About Financial Abuse?

Please note that many shelters are not pro-life. So you needn’t ask them their opinion on continuing a pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and dealing with abuse, please go to your local pregnancy resource center and check back on our Women Deserve Better helpsite for solutions to other challenges including housing, transportation, nutrition, healthcare, and more.

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster