After the feast…

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have had a memorable holiday with your family and friends, no matter how many or how few, even if it was “just you.”

While you may look forward to leftovers, I hope you will take a moment to do two things: Apparently, people are reporting not seeing FFL’s Facebook page in their feeds. Here are the easy steps to take if you aren’t seeing the latest news and feminist historic memes (which are by far the MOST popular!).

You can “favorite” our page by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to the page and click the button with three dots next to the “Like” button.
  2. Select Follow Options.
  3. Select Favorite.
  4. Select Update.

Second, if you haven’t done so already, please make your year-end gift, which is being matched — three ways — starting with the FFL Board and Friends. Then, it’s double-matched if you start or increase monthly giving. And many employers will double your tax-deductible gift again!

Here again is a link to my President’s Report to investors like you who make the world better for the most vulnerable, including 125 THOUSAND unique visitors to our helpsite.

In 2021, we look forward to developing our Teen Outreach Program to reach the college-bound, as well as currently enrolled collegians.

As always, I thank you, on behalf of those we serve.

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America
Women Deserve Better
& The American Feminist

P.S. Please go right now to before the three-way match ends. Thank you again for your strategic support that makes our efforts possible!