Abortion: Nothing to Celebrate…

The latest issue of The American Feminist, “Abortion: Nothing to Celebrate,” answers the claims by abortion providers and advocates to make abortion appear to be a “moral good.” We want to empower you with this latest issue.

Genecia Davis, founder of Black Girls for Life, sat down with Tatiana Federoff for a revealing and insightful look at pro-life outreach from the perspective of a post-abortive African-American woman. What is it that the broader pro-life community needs to do to reach those women of color most at risk of abortion? Genecia answers in this must-read interview.

A father who takes his daughter for her “first” abortion.

A husband who laughingly says he loves his wife because she’s “the worst” mother.

This is what some people take for a joke. This is what we are dealing with. This is what the next generation is hearing in Ctrl Alt Delete, a so-called “abortion comedy.”

Abortion is no laughing matter.

They can’t make abortion a moral good, no matter what they say.
Be prepared. Prepare others, especially those at highest risk on campus, now.

“They Say; FFL Answers”—with your help.

Westerners have imposed their “solutions” on the people of Africa for centuries, but this did not end with the independence of dozens of African nations.

Even today, through ideological colonization, the West continues to assert what’s “best,” including telling Africans and other indigenous peoples how many children they should have.

Read FFL Speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner’s interview with Obianuju “Uju” Ekeocha as she explains what African women REALLY want—and need.

Abortion advocates have long sought to euphemize abortion by declaring the procedure “safe, legal, and rare.” But as with the tragic case of Jamie Lee Morales, the reality of abortion is none of these.

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