Beyond the Schism

“Abortion is the ultimate in the exploitation of women.”
—Alice Paul, author of the Equal Rights Amendment and suffrage leader

As we approach the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton twin decisions that legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason, we pause again to remember those women and children who have died, and support those who mourn.

Many of us continue to wonder how could this have happened in America, a country that through centuries of expanded rights, from nobles in Europe to the common man, to freeing those who were enslaved, and finally suffrage for women and people of color, including (and lastly) indigenous Americans. How did we get to the point when we would now betray our feminist principles of nonviolence, nondiscrimination, and justice for all, and replace a patriarchy with a matriarchy?

In my speech, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion,” I explain how the two men who founded NARAL sadly convinced the women’s movement to embrace abortion by arguing that it wasn’t the employer or educator’s responsibility to accommodate pregnant women or mothers. But in this issue, I ask Sue Ellen Browder, author of Subverted, to reveal the details of that very moment that split feminists for abortion from feminists for life — and was Alice Paul there?

In this issue, with input from people like you who support our work, we also explore the impact of Roe and Doe on women and men, on those who remember the moment, and on those yet to be born. We count down the most ridiculous questions still asked of pro-life feminists. And we examine “bad medicine” in the abortion business.

You will be inspired by the evolution of one woman who has lived through much of what we talk about. Learn what you can do to help us fulfill the unrealized vision of Susan B. Anthony to address the root causes that drive women to abortion.

Basics like medical coverage, child care, child support, and diapers aren’t sexy, but they are what mothers need, what they want, and what women deserve. So in this next issue of The American Feminist, we will provide a handout, our new Women Deserve Better® brochure, and our ad (which you can also download) to share on campus, in the workplace, and in your community.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we appreciate benefactors like you who sacrifice for those most vulnerable to abortion.

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