Waiting for Joy

Debby Stinemetz Caulfield

Marriage, children, and grandchildren are generally expected in a life. Since I was a kid, I expected this would be part of my life, so I really didn’t spend much time thinking about these events. They just happened, and I was grateful.

I had long expected and anticipated my daughter Erin getting pregnant and having children, but it was not happening. Because of her several years of infertility and failed attempts to adopt, I was greatly disappointed that this normal expectation was not being granted by God.

I had a few talks with God about this oversight on his part! But I was led immediately to prayer. I never prayed so hard in my life. I prayed nonstop. I prayed with tears. I prayed on my knees. I prayed in Erin’s house with my hands on the hearth of her home. I hugged her goodbye always with a prayer on my lips. I mostly prayed with confidence, but not always. It was the greatest prayer experience of my life.

Finally, after six years, God answered my prayers. So I must say that the day that Grant was born was one of the greatest, most joyous days of my life. Yes, all the birthdays of my five other grandchildren were great, but the birth of a child that I prayed for fervently and in great intimacy with God, is a day that stands above all others.