Sibling Joy

Kenna and her oldest “boy” in a treehouse.

Krista Cornish Scott

I knew that I would be passionately in love with my kids, but I never knew how much awesomeness would come from watching them love each other as siblings.

Almost every morning the first words out of Kenna’s mouth are “Where are my boys?” and she runs off to find them.

This morning Aedhan came in and said “Mom… Kenna makes everything brighter” after she had flung herself at him hugging him.

I said, “Yep she is our Kenna JOY isn’t she.”

“Yeah. It’s like before she was born, our lives were cold and rainy, and then when she was born there was a big ray of sunshine”.

Sniff! (Ok and then I was all… WHAT? Your life sucked so much before? Thanks a lot, kid)

Part of the reason Kenna’s middle name is Joy comes from my favorite Feminists for Life quote: “Women experiencing unplanned pregnancy may also experience unplanned joy.”

Kenna, her “boys” and a milk separator at their dad’s childhood farm.

Editor’s note: See Kenna with her mom, younger sister, Serrin Joy, and Serrin Foster in the “Sheer Joy” issue of The American Feminist.

Krista Cornish Scott is a former Copy Editor for The American Feminist