Sheer Joy

Grandparent Blessings

Susan Vendeland As I embraced my son-in-law at the Christchurch, New Zealand airport, I noticed the dried spit-up on the collar of his fleece vest and felt a surge of affection well up. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be sporting a similar look. My son-in-law had been away from his work …

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My Daughter, the Lifesaver

Aaron “Scoob” Bruce I’m a coach from Wisconsin. I made the mistake of agreeing to abort my first child, and I’ll forever regret that. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with severe bipolar illness. I was a wreck all the time, just depressed for five years with little joy, except for my daughter. She has …

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Waiting for Joy

Debby Stinemetz Caulfield Marriage, children, and grandchildren are generally expected in a life. Since I was a kid, I expected this would be part of my life, so I really didn’t spend much time thinking about these events. They just happened, and I was grateful. I had long expected and anticipated my daughter Erin getting …

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