The Honor and Privilege of New Motherhood

Mary Piescik

My son Daniel (aka “Little Guppy”) was born July 9, 2022. He was induced because there was not much amniotic fluid in my womb one week past the due date. I thank God that they were able to induce labor and get him out safely. He is the cutest baby I know. Yes, I am biased, as his mom! I love to hear him laugh and giggle. I love to see him smile. At the very beginning of his life, we loved to hear him squeak.

Daniel went through a phase of always getting his arms out of being swaddled. He is very strong. We got him a Superman outfit for Halloween. He recently learned how to suck his thumb. He is doing well with tummy time. One of the sweetest memories I have so far is cuddling with my son. I enjoyed breastfeeding while I could. I unfortunately had to stop for medical reasons, but I am grateful for the time I had.

I love seeing my son look at me with his big brown eyes. He eats a lot and is growing. I am so thankful for my child! He brings so much joy to my home. Family and friends love getting to spend time with him. We took him to the beach and had a great time. Right after that trip, he was baptized, with a party afterward to celebrate. I thank God for my little baby boy. It is an honor and a privilege to have carried him and now to take care of him outside the womb. He is already growing so quickly, I am trying to take it all in and be grateful for this great gift that is my baby.

Editor’s Note: Mary interned at FFL from winter 2021 to spring 2022.