October 19, 2022

Read Serrin’s latest interview!

Feminists for Life of America has led the effort on many types of campuses (state, Ivy League, private including Christian and women’s colleges, etc.) to support pregnant and parenting students on campus for nearly three decades.

In this comprehensive article published by FemCatholic, authors Renée Roden and Kelly Sankowski review the progress and challenges that remain during their investigation of Catholic colleges and universities. They include a faulty design to a lack of awareness and consistency, as well as a culture of shame to efforts to reframe the narrative and establish a culture of dignity.

FFL President Serrin M. Foster was interviewed along with leaders of key model programs at Georgetown University and MiraVia at Belmont Abbey College. (Speaking of Georgetown, Serrin will moderate the 27th Annual Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Forum℠ tomorrow!) Serrin says these are two very different types of campuses: “Urban and rural areas can address the needs of parents in unique ways.”

While this article focuses on Catholic schools, these stories are just as familiar on all types of campuses. And after the Dobbs decision returned abortion laws to state legislatures, Serrin and I concur: “New pressure is being put on students to suffer abortions, rather than to accommodate them as parents and birthmothers. And they get the message during pregnancy. We need to make ALL campuses friendly places for these underserved populations.”

High school and college pro-woman, pro-life groups are encouraged to contact info@feministsforlife.org for free kits, strategies, virtual and in-person speakers as well as moderators for FFL’s Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Forums.

Because women — and girls — deserve better,

Damian J. Geminder
Director of Communication & Editor
Feminists for Life of America

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