May 11, 2022

Poor Women and Black Women Deserve Better than Abortion

U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen claims that overturning Roe would be damaging to women who could not complete their education or succeed in the workplace.

“Underestimating women by women who support abortion is nothing new. Attorney Sarah Weddington made the same assumptions during the Roe v. Wade oral arguments in 1971. Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women,” said FFL President Serrin M. Foster.

“As Feminists for Life, we refuse to choose between sacrificing our education and career plans and sacrificing our children. We refuse to choose between women and children. We prefer to focus on holistic solutions that meet the needs of women. Women deserve better® than abortion. So do all children.”

“In many cases,” Yellen said, “abortions are of teenage women, particularly low-income and often Black, who aren’t in a position to be able to care for children, have unexpected pregnancies, and it deprives them of the ability often to continue their education to later participate in the workforce. So there is a spillover into labor force participation, but it means the children will grow up in poverty and do worse themselves. This is not harsh. This is the truth.”

According to the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s former research arm, teen abortions have declined dramatically and make up a very small portion of abortions overall. Regardless, this Sanger-esque response to Black women in poverty is eugenics, pure and simple.

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