June 21, 2023

New Video: The strength & dignity of women

As we approach the first anniversary of the Dobbs decision, we are reminded of the strength and dignity of women.

Women are not weak creatures that need to be fixed by poison pills and surgeries to rid us of our OWN children. Babies are NOT obstacles to success. In fact, motherhood and fatherhood is success in and of itself.

We reject surgery on healthy pregnant women by the abortion industry as if our babies are the enemy. No, abortion is the enemy. Abortion is a lack of hope and help. 

Instead, we celebrate womanhood, and support mothers with our new short video in hopes that women and men won’t mourn unnecessary losses; that those trapped in the abortion industry are freed with new understanding; and that those who mourn will find help and healing.

Please share this short video, “I Am A Woman with Strength and Dignity,” with your family and friends. It is posted on our YouTube Channel and Rumble along with other recent videos.

And please, consider a gift to support thousands of women who have found help at WomenDeserve Better.com. Better yet, donate a kit to a local pregnancy resource center and provide more help to women in need.

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America
Women Deserve Better
& The American Feminist

P.S. In case you missed our latest short videos, Why Feminists for Life and Women Deserve Better Means… please click on the images below and share the good news. With hope for help and healing, I thank you.