March 1, 2024

March Forth for Women and Children!

First wave feminists opposed abortion—just like we do. And like Susan B. Anthony, we seek to address the root causes that drive women to abortion through women-centered solutions.

Celebrate Women’s History Month with FFL!

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3) Explore our Herstory page:

  • Read biographies of historical and modern pro-life feminists,
  • Take our Feminist History Quiz,
  • and watch videos including Part One of Serrin’s “The Feminist Case Against Abortion: First Wave Feminists.”

4) Help us fulfill the vision of our feminist foremothers by helping pregnant and parenting women in need. Dr. Anna Densmore, a hospital reformer, physician, educator and founding member of the women’s professional group Sorosis, served on a committee to report on hospitals and asylums in New York City in 1869. After reviewing the meager free and inexpensive resources available to unmarried women and their children, Dr. Densmore concluded:

“I cannot close without saying a single word more on the crime of abortion, now so frightfully prevalent, and to ask you each and severally to stretch out a helping, saving hand in this direction, that its suppression may to some extent at least be accomplished.”

Today you can do that by sharing our online helpsite with your local pregnancy resource centers, churches, and schools.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we are leading up to the 30th anniversary of Serrin’s leadership and the next issue of The American FeministBe sure your support is up to date, or renew now to get this important issue!

Because women deserve better,

Joyce McCauley-Benner
Director of Public Education