“YOU Are FOREVER Priceless℠” Campaign…

You may recall my heartfelt concern in the wake of Weinstein, Epstein, and Maxwell that today’s teens and young women are challenged in ways unheard of in the last decade—or even in the last century.

Some may have thought that my last email to you was over the top.

I understand.

It can be too horrific to think that the sexual exploitation of teens and collegians is increasingly becoming a part of the fabric of our country.

So I double-checked what is happening by talking to teens and young women. And I discovered that either they knew this was happening—or it had already happened to them.

I doubt their parents know.

Since then, we have seen Netflix promote “Cuties,” which many consider to be a pedophile’s dream. What I want to know is, what kind of parents would put their children in this movie?

Soon after, came a vile music video called “W.A.P.”

I can’t even write out what that fifth stands for—but don’t doubt this for a minute. Teens and collegians all know.

Abortion providers, advocates, predators, teen media, entertainment industry executives, and their allies—including legislators—have worked hard to blur the margins of:
—what is good,
—what is acceptable,
—and what is expected.

Our daughters are put at risk of exploitation by their peers, lured into trafficking by friends and—as if that isn’t enough—suffering abortions.

Maybe it starts with a kid at school pushing her for that nude on Snapchat, or worse, taken by organized gangs or used by notorious, powerful men and their surrogates. They are predators who see minors as easy prey and a marketable commodity.

Our society oversexualizes vulnerable teens and young women.

What are young women up against today?

  • Imagery in music, videos, movies, magazines, online web spaces such as Teen Vogue, and the fashion industry.
  • Peers at school who have been trained to victimize others.
  • What is being taught in schools by some teachers, coaches, and scout leaders—who were supposed to protect them.
  • Planned Parenthood and for-profit clinics, and judicial bypass groups aimed at coming between parents and their daughters.

As we kick off Respect Life Month—and throughout this school year—we will continue to send kits to campus, Speakers, and FFL Pregnancy Resource ForumsSM in person or online. But we will also reach younger audiences, especially college-bound students.

We will also explore what can parents do to safeguard teens from predators, what teens and collegians can do to protect themselves, and with your support—Feminists for Life will:

  • Reach younger audiences with inspirational messages where they live on social media—before they become college-bound women who buy into abortion as the norm.
  • Help them build their powerful pro-woman story on Instagram.
  • Inform them of the insider tricks that are aimed at young girls so they can protect themselves.
  • Inspire them with pro-life feminist leaders from the past who still speak to us today.
  • Provide internships to the next generation of leaders.
  • Educate them about pro-life feminism, our philosophy, and solutions through our College Outreach Program and expand to include our NEW Teen Outreach Program.
  • Give parents, teens, and collegians many more insights, info, and tools in the school year to come.

I cannot stress this enough: There is a spectrum of violence and exploitation that all too often ends up in abortion.

Women deserve better® than abortion. Teens and collegians do, too.

With your generous gift, Feminists for Life will support parents and help reach teens and collegians where they are—and raise expectations for boys as well—because they are all

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America
Women Deserve Better
& The American Feminist

P.S. Please join us and invite your teens to join us on Instagram to make these memes part of their stories—and yours. But first, please take a moment and give generously as we kick off this campaign for the school year. Thank you.