October 10, 2023

BIG News: The billboard campaign has begun in Ohio!

Dear OHIO Supporters: It was great to meet many of you and new friends at our booth at the Ohio March for Life Rally. “Women Deserve Better® than Abortion” and “Peace Begins in the Womb©” was prominently displayed throughout the March for Life. I thank those who volunteered to help me and others who picked up placards and brochures.  

FFL President Serrin Foster and I have more good news!!

Knowing the urgency to get our pro-woman, pro-life messages out in Ohio, and knowing that Ohio supporters would rally around the need to share our pro-woman messages, we advanced $7,000 to invest in this time-sensitive campaign and others added over $5000 for a total budget of $12,000! 

We now have 16 billboards running covering Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, and Toledo throughout October! (If you live near or in one of these cities and want to know specific locations, send us an email!)  

We hope to raise $7,000 that we advanced for Ohio to pass it forward to other states where women are not served as they should and children are not protected. If you haven’t contributed yet, please do so that we can do more in other areas. Thank you!

Because women deserve better,

Joyce McCauley-Benner
Director of Public Education
Feminists for Life of America

P.S. Contact us at info@feministsforlife.org if you want to sponsor an individual billboard or if you own one in your community!