University of California — San Francisco Offers 1st online Class on Abortion

October 9, 2014: University of California — San Francisco Offers 1st online Class on Abortion

It is inconsistent that the University of California – San Francisco — a university that provides 16 different courses for pregnant women and parents including breast feeding, infant massage, and childbirth — should now offer the first online class in America on abortion.

One wonders if they will talk about the women who died from legal but lethal abortion in the US and around the world, or if they will give the facts about lower maternal mortality rates in developed countries where women are protected from abortion.

Will they hear the voices of women who are silent no more about their abortions like Georgette Forney or former employees like Abby Johnson who now regret their work in this profession of destruction?

Will they address the lack of resources and support–especially among the poor, mothers, young working women, and students–that drive women to abortion?

We’ll see. Certainly, we will not be hearing from the millions upon millions who aren’t here to defend themselves, except for a few survivors like Melissa Ohden.

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster President

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