Teen Vogue is about to do it again!!

While abortion clinics and allies in the media underestimate women (and look to lure girls), Feminists for Life is providing timely solutions because Women Deserve Better®!

Teen Vogue reporter is busy working on a story that is aimed at teens and preteens. Her concern? “…how states like Ohio and Texas are exploiting the directive to stop elective surgeries and using it to deny women the right to have an abortion.”

She writes: I’m looking to speak with medical doctors who perform abortions about the short-term and long-term impact this will have. It’s particularly frightening to force women to give birth during a time when so many are suddenly & unexpectedly becoming caretakers to loved ones and losing their jobs, and this also sets a dangerous precedent — if states get away with it this time, they’ll likely continue to search for every opportunity to halt abortions.

And she has requirements: Medical doctors who perform abortions and can speak about how dangerous it is to halt abortions and what the short-term and long-term impacts will be.

This is wrong on so many levels.

First of all, teens and preteens who are Teen Vogue readers are not women. They are children.

We don’t need Teen Vogue going around parents’ backs to market abortion to children. Are they intent on robbing them of their childhoods with one of the worst things that can happen during their lifetimes??

Second, people are dying from a virus. We don’t need more death. 

And by the way: We are supposed to stay six feet away from one another, so the rate of pregnancy among teens hopefully should go down. One article on Teen Vogue says that, but then suggests teens sext each other. Really, how to ruin their lives on social media forever. Thanks,Teen Vogue.

Third, teens are typically not caretakers. They likely have some chores to care for themselves and contribute to their family but it is their mothers and fathers who are typically caretakers to their children. And at this time, they should be social distancing from their elderly family members.

Fourth, the issue about late-term abortion is that it becomes more expensive and riskier. Teens who have late-term abortions have been known to die along with their children, according to abortion providers and advocates. They hide the pregnancy from their parents because they don’t want them to know they had sex. Then they don’t take their antibiotics correctly — or go for help too late when they hemorrhage. Girls have died.

Knowing this, birth is natural for most women, but again, whom is this Teen Vogue reporter speaking to? Certainly not women!

As FFL Speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner observes, “There are so many more empowering things for teens that Teen Vogue could be focusing on, especially during these unprecedented times when so many young people are navigating major changes at their schools.

Joyce adds, “Focusing on sex, pregnancy, and abortion only contributes to and reinforces the cultural idea that women and girls’ worth is based on their sexuality and bodies. GIRLS DESERVE BETTER!

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Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America

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