January 4, 2024

Prioritize Victims, Not Predators like Epstein

ALEXANDRIA, VA: Newly unsealed documents from the Virginia Roberts Giuffre case regarding sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were revealed late Wednesday, January 3.

CNN notes that “The documents are filings from a settled case brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an American woman who claimed Epstein sexually abused her as a minor and that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend, aided in the abuse.”

FFL Director of Public Education Joyce McCauley-Benner who has worked on the ground with teenage sex trafficking victims, explained Epstein’s method of trafficking is only one of many.

“There are different types of traffickers—including pimp-controlled, gang-related, familial, and buyer-perpetrated, which Epstein falls into—using the ruse of being a massage client. Like Epstein, all involve manipulation and power and control over their victims.”

She continued, “Traffickers rarely work alone, and often times have close women that help lure unsuspecting victims into trusting them—but who ultimately betray the victim and keep the predator in control with money and more victims. This is the type of role Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of having with Epstein.”

“However, it’s important to note that with such notoriety and money, Epstein had dealings with many people—not all those named are connected to his crimes.

She added, “When prominent cases are discussed in the media, painful memories are re-lived. However, this is also a time for victims to be heard. We advocate for the utmost care and concern for the victims as justice is sought.”

FFL President Serrin Foster was pleased with the judge’s December 18 decision to unseal the documents but says we need to go further.

“Imagine a teenage girl who lives in poverty being built up by a woman who compliments her, then lures her to a private jet and island, only to find it’s a trap. There is a high price to be paid—and she is powerless to escape. 

Feminists for Life of America joins with Senator Marsha Blackburn who has repeatedly called for Senator Dick Durbin, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, to subpoena the FBI for the names on the flight logs.”

She went on to ask, “Why—four years after Epstein died in jail—are the names of those who traveled on Epstein’s plane a state secret? Certainly reasonable people can understand that not everyone on the planes, like families traveling together, were not trafficking minors. But it feels like some powerful people are being protected, when the priority must protecting the victims not predators.” 

CALL TO ACTION: We urge you to tweet @SenatorDurbin or visit Senator Durbin’s website to contact him to demand justice for victims. Tell him: Protect victims, not predators. Girls deserve better. Subpoena Epstein’s flight logs now!