PBS can’t make late-term abortion providers look warm and fuzzy

“PBS can’t make late-term abortion providers look warm and fuzzy,” said FFL President Serrin Foster about the airing of ‘After Tiller,’ a PBS documentary paid by tax-payers and donors in the US.” On September 1, the POV (Point of View) series will focus on four doctors who still perform gruesome late-term abortions.

“Late-term abortions reveal, rather than hide, the lack of support needed from family and friends. Late-term abortions have resulted in the deaths of women and teens as well as their unborn children who can feel what is happening to them. If the child is disabled, we who support the ADA support special needs babies and their parents. Adoption is a viable option if they feel unprepared to parent. Women–and children–deserve better. Abortion solves nothing. It only masks the underlying problems that women face.”

You are urged to contact 703.739.5000 and tell PBS that you oppose violence against women, unborn children and doctors. Therefore you oppose using government and donor funds to glamorize violence and promote abortion by airing the show “After Tiller.”

Instead, urge them to produce an unbiased show interviewing the incredible people who help women have their children, and meet the women and children who have been served by pregnancy resource centers. Tell them women deserve better and so do all children.

If you have been a PBS donor, it is especially important that you call this nationwide number now–and follow up with a letter. Please be courteous to the person who answers the phone.


Hear FFL President Serrin Foster answer LeRoy Carhart, who continues to perform late term abortions, during an earlier interview with

Michele Martin on NPR. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=122851800