This March, we celebrate Women’s History Month. And on 4.4.24 we celebrate three decades of Serrin’s leadership as the creator of the Women Deserve Better® Campaign and FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum.TM

Serrin’s leadership goes beyond helping to establish Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Forums® on college campuses. 

Students that she addressed have become major leaders in the movement, members of Congress, celebrities, and other influential people in all walks of life–not to mention parents themselves!

Only one decade after starting our College Outreach Program, Guttmacher Institute reported a remarkable 30% reduction in abortion uniquely  among college educated women—just as Planned Parenthood had feared.

It also includes her critical role in the passage of the Child Support Enhancement Act, the Violence Against Women Act and her testimony before the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution that led to the passage of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (aka Laci and Connor Act.)  As usual, FFL would be the only pro-life group or the only feminist group in strategic and unlikely alliances to better meet the needs of pregnant women, mothers, and birth mothers.

C-SPAN carries live coverage of Serrin as she testifies before Congress in support of “Unborn Victims of Violence Act (aka Laci and Connor’s Law.)

Perhaps like me, you heard Serrin present her landmark speech that was recognized as one of the “Great Speeches in History” on Women’s Rights. 

Fewer people know about her speech before 850 Non-Governmental Organizations at the “Bringing Cairo Home” conference at the State Department when Serrin made parallels between women in developing countries and the challenges faced by pro-life feminists in a developing America. 

Even fewer people know how she would be at the ACLU in the morning and Heritage Foundation in the afternoon while talking to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops midday all focusing on holistic, woman-centered solutions.

Serrin with her two pro-life heroes. Left Rep. Chris Smith, Co-Chair of the House Pro-Life Caucus and the late Gov. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania at a meeting about adopting children languishing in foster care.

Together with the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, interns and donors, FFL has changed the movement to be visibly pro-woman—as well as pro-child. Serrin has led the effort to educate activists of our pro-life feminist foremothers that “abortion hurts women” as well as Women Deserve Better® than Abortion.

Our Women Deserve Better helpsite has served hundreds of thousands of women. And hundreds of thousands of teens have been inspired by our Girls Deserve Better page on Instagram.

For Serrin’s 30th anniversary, the one thing she asks is for people to give what they can according to their abilities to ensure FFL has the capacity to do all we can to reach and serve the most vulnerable women and children, that we grow strong women who need to know that Girls Deserve Better®, and that men have a role here, too. 

On behalf of Feminists for Life’s Board of Directors, please make a tribute gift by clicking on “Make a Donation”—and then return to this page to add a comment to Serrin!

Thank you,

Kara Sorenson-Smith
Chair of the Board

P.S. Look for the next issue of The American Feminist® in your mailbox soon!!

14 thoughts on “celebrateSerrin30years”

  1. Laura Valentine

    Serrin ROCKS. Please send brochures and envelopes for donations so that I may invite my friends to have their new monthly gift tripled to help the most vulnerable, just just like my gift will!

  2. Donna Hayden Foster

    I have watched my daughter, Serrin, sacrifice so much for women and children. She’s traveled the nation and to other countries sharing FFL’s message that “Women Deserve Better than Abortion” together with pro-woman solutions, especially on college campuses and Capitol Hill. Working all hours, weekends, vacations, and holidays, she truly is a saint in my eyes. I’m so proud of her—and I love her so much.
    Donna Hayden Foster

  3. Dear Serrin,
    I’m not able to make a contribution at this time but I wanted to congratulate you on 30 years of leading FFL! Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work promoting pro-life feminism. I especially want to thank you for always being so supportive of my advocacy efforts throughout the years and for always having my back. Blessings to you always!

  4. Dear Ms. Foster:
    I cannot make a contribution at this time, but have given to FFL before. I congratulate you on your three decades of service to women and to the unborn. I am an evangelical feminist (or egalitarian) who see being pro-life as part of genuine feminism, historically, theologically, and logically considered. My late wife, Rebecca Merrill Groothuis (1954-2019) wrote of this in her first book, Women Caught in the Conflict (Baker, 1994).

    May God continue to lead you and give your strength in this great battle for the sanctify of life.
    Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D.,
    Professor of Philosophy
    Denver Seminary

  5. Priscilla Borlan

    I will never forget the day I learned about Feminists for Life. Across my feed came the words, “Women deserve better than abortion” and I was hooked! That was the day I became a PROLIFE Feminist. The facts and logic presented through this remarkable organization are absolutely undeniable! It is my privilege and honor to share my resources, as well as share this organization with others. Thank you Serrin for creating a non-religious, logical, fact-based, woman, focused, proLIFE organization. Thank you for the clarity that women deserve better than abortion, that girls deserve better than abortion and for creating a space for MEN to join in the logic!


  6. Congratulations and thanks to Serrin. FFL has accomplished far more than I ever envisioned!
    Pat Goltz,
    FFL Co-Founder

  7. Edward B (Woody) Ryder

    Bless her heart! My southern cousin marks a milestone for 30 years of making her mark as a leader in her field; and does so with the love and respect of her « Yankee cousin » and an angelic high five from Aunt Tooney. .

  8. Michael Sciscenti

    Congrats Serrin on your impressive 30 years of service to Feminists for Life! Thank you for being a relentless advocate for women and children!

  9. Shelley Van Antwerp

    Thank you, Serrin, for your sacrifice of personal life to lead the charge against abortion in the U.S. You have made a huge difference in the lives of many people.

  10. First as a donor, then as a Board member, then as (now former) Chair of FFL’s Board of Directors, I’ve observed and worked closely with Serrin in a variety of ways. For the past 30 years she has skillfully managed and directed a national organization which has had an impact that far exceeds its size and resources. She has attracted and equipped a top-notch team of gifted and creative volunteers and staff. She has organized and overseen programs to provide outstanding speakers (including her good self!), programs and media which are often copied because of their recognized quality and effectiveness. She has been a magnet, a model and a mentor to many current and future leaders in the pro-life, pro-woman movement. I can’t think of anyone who has sacrificed more, or been a better model for everyone in the pro-life movement than Serrin. She truly lives out what it means to be pro-woman and pro-life.

  11. A pro-life feminist icon! Thank you for your tireless dedication to supporting women AND babies these past 30 years.

  12. 30 years wow! It is well deserved and worth celebrating. Thank you for everything you have done for FFL, and women and children.

  13. Joyce McCauley-Benner

    Serrin’s leadership, expertise, compassion, and belief in the strength and dignity of women, helped to give me hope, healing, and a voice to share my story of discovering I was pregnant after sexual assault. She introduced me to our pro-life feminist herstory that educated and empowered me and allowed me to do the same for others. I am forever grateful for Serrin and her mentorship.

  14. I love Serrin!!!! Congrats on 30 years!!!!

    I would like to channel the late Damian Geminder for a moment and remind us all that Serrin is the “mother of the mother ship” of pro-life feminism.

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