Celebrate Susan B. Anthony’s 200th…

If you have not already, please contact your U.S. Representative in Washington and urge her or him to SAY NO TO ERA which, as interpreted by both pro-life AND abortion advocates, would build upon the Roe and Doe precedents to write an implicit right to abortion directly into the Constitution. It will not protect unborn children!

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In anticipation of Susan B. Anthony’s 200th birthday on Saturday, we invite you to revisit this Saturday Night Live video (language warning) as women visiting her house invoke the spirit of Anthony, who opposed abortion — but to our knowledge, Anthony never said, “Abortion is murder,” as depicted in the video. Other suffragists, however, did refer to “child-murder” in Anthony’s publication, The Revolution.

Regardless, Anthony will be remembered as the early suffrage organizer and pro-life publisher. Make a gift in her honor of $20, $200, $2,020, or whatever the spirit moves you — as we live her legacy.

Thank you.

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America