Serrin M. Foster
Annual Thanksgiving Report: 2022-2023

Here are highlights of our work to help women in need and their children with practical support,
equip students with pro-woman messages and solutions, and
empower and protect teenage girls as they grow into womanhood.
We appreciate your strategic investment in our work.


  • January 11, 2023: Years after FFL first introduced Melissa Ohden in “Say No to the Status Quo™,” in Fall 2007, the U.S. House of Representatives finally passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.
  • FFL posted information on our Women Deserve Better helpsite about how the PUMP Act can help nursing mothers in the workplace.
  • FFL urged reintroduction of the Care for Her Act and passage of the Providing for Life Act, comprised of nine bills that support expecting moms through pregnancy and once their child is born with various supports.
  • FFL supported reintroduction of the Pregnant Students Rights Act, to protect the rights of pregnant students on campus and strengthen existing laws for higher education institutions to publicly disclose these laws and available resources to students.
  • When the EEOC opened comments for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, FFL President Serrin Foster responded to our opposition to including abortion coverage, as the sponsors clearly stated. Numerous Feminists for Life supporters joined the call to tell the EEOC that abortion has NO place in the PWFA.
  • Mississippi Attorney General Fitch’s “Empowerment Project” agenda was furthered by the unveiling of MAMA, a resources-based website that lists in its directory and highlights some articles from WDB.


  • We distributed our new flier showcasing our free kits, FFL Speakers and FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum Moderators, videos, materials for tabling, and internship opportunities to thousands of high school and college leaders at conferences.
  • Summer 2023 interns created, shared, and analyzed our new Girls Deserve Better Survey along with the staff to better understand what teenage girls really want to know!
  • Our Girls Deserve Better Instagram page reached over 200,000 teens, with over 1,000 liking the featured posts.
  • Former FFL Board Member Sharon Serratore and FFL Intern Bella Martino helped organize a “Girls Night Out” youth group event. FFL Intern Bella presented our new program in Pittsburgh.
  • FFL Speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner presented the pro-life feminist perspective on a panel at Princeton University.
  • Ms. Wood presented “To Be Pro-Science Is to Be Pro-Life: A Feminist Perspective” at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life in Washington D.C.
  • Ms. McCauley-Benner presented “Slaves Among Us: Sex Trafficking in the U.S.” at the 8th Annual Pro-Life Women’s Conference (St. Charles, MO).
  • Ms. Foster presented her landmark speech, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion,” to students at Baylor University (TX).
  • Ms. McCauley-Benner moderated the 28th annual Pregnancy and Parenting Resources Forum at Georgetown University.

In addition, Ms. McCauley-Benner answered questions to Singapore American School students. This coming spring, Ms. Mc-Cauley Benner will address students from across the country at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference. Meanwhile FFL Intern Bella Martino and her new husband will be at the Students for Life of America Conference. Ms. Foster will address George Washington University students. And both Ms. McCauley-Benner and Ms. Woods have been invited to present their speeches at the Heartbeat International Conference this spring.


Feminists for Life and Women Deserve Better informs and inspires on a daily basis with breaking news (including famous supporters), policy commentary, powerful slogans, pro-woman solutions, and pro-life feminist history including:

Altoday, America Magazine, The Baffler, Baltimore Sun, Campus Reform, Catholic News Agency, Catholic Review, The Catholic Spirit (Catholic Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St Paul, MN), The Center Square, Christian TodayChristianity Today, The Christian Post, The College Fix, The Criterion (Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis), Crux, The Daily Caller, The Daily Signal, Denver Catholic, Dodge City Daily Globe, Denver Catholic, Door County Pulse, Florida Phoenix, The Harvard Salient, International Policy Digest, The Free Pack, The Journal Gazette (Indiana), KRDO (based in Colorado Springs), The Leaven (Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS), LifeNews, National Catholic Register, National Review, Newsweek, Peace and Life Connections, The Pilot (Archdiocese of Boston, MA), Pregnancy Help News, Radical Philosophy,  Spectrum Local News (TX), Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, The Spectator World, Vigour Times, The Washington Times, WHP (CBS affiliate in the Susquehanna Valley, PA), WLNS (CBS Lansing, MI affiliate), WTOV (Fox’s Steubenville, OH affiliate), WXIX (Newport, Kentucky-Cincinnati, Ohio affiliate), WWNO (NPR member station based in New Orleans, LA), WVTF (NPR Roanoke, VA affiliate), Ye Olde Crime (podcast)

Marilyn Kopp submitted numerous letters to the editor that were published by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

In addition, Ms. Foster’s Letter to the Editor got the last word, giving kudos to Marc Thiessen and Alyssa Rosenberg for their article “We disagree on abortion. Here’s a pro-family agenda we both parties can support” was published in The Washington Post.

FFL is named number 11 of the Top 45 pro-life websites by Feedspot!


FFL continues to educate thousands through our our daily posts on Feminists for Life Facebook, Threads, Instagram, and X; Women Deserve Better on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Girls Deserve Better on Instagram.


We celebrated Women’s Equality Day with our own cofounder’s story of talking to pro-life feminist Alice Paul and more! Serrin has also been working with a staff member at the National Park Service who is hoping to document the pro-life sentiments of Alice.

Serrin wrote a new herstory about a Chinese suffragist in New York! It was revealed for her birthday, October 7.


FFL produced three new videos that are on both our YouTube channel and on Rumble:

  • “Abortion is a Reflection that We Have Not Met the Needs of Women,”
  • ”Women Deserve Better than Abortion,” 
  • and “I am a Woman with Strength and Dignity.”


FFL put up “Women Deserve Better than Abortion” and “Women Deserve Better Resources, Better Support” billboards throughout Ohio reaching over 1,758,000 people. In addition, FFL unveiled many more new billboard designs for supporters to choose from and envision in their communities.

Our billboard campaign has expanded! We now have billboards up in:

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Coopersville, (Grand Rapids area), Michigan
  • Carson City, (Reno/Lake Tahoe area), Nevada
  • and St. Bonifacius, (near Minneapolis) Minnesota

We are so grateful to our supporters!

Plans for other states are underway now!


  • We now have more than 300 articles to help women Work, Learn, Live, and Love better. 
  • Once again, we had more than 125,000 unique visitors in the past year to our helpsite.


  • Our Fall Spring 2022 issue, “Life After Roe” looks to the future following the 2022 Dobbs decision. 
  • Our Spring/Summer 2023  issue, “Legacy” was dedicated to the new generation, and in his passing, to the legacy left by our late Director of Public Education and Editor, Damian J. Geminder. 
  • Look for our Fall/Winter 2023 issue, “The Missing Peace,” in your mailbox in the next few weeks! For this post-Dobbs issue, we graced the cover in olive branches, a sign of peace. “The Missing Peace” helps readers understand and answer the most pressing issues of our era and shares success stories.

FFL is once again organizing volunteers at the March for Life in DC, West Coast Walk for Life, One Life LA, and many state marches across the country. (Contact us at to get your placards now!}

On behalf of the FFL Board and staff, we wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. On behalf of the women and children we serve, the students we help train and equip, the teen girls we empower and protect, and we thank you. We ask you to dig deep as the Year-End Match has commenced!

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May peace begin in the womb, and spread throughout the world. March forth!