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• FFL Activist and Actor Margaret Colin Says More Risky Abortions Are Not the Answer for our Daughters…

• FFL President Serrin Foster explains the mission, goals, objectives and accomplishments. 

• Feminists for Life answers Roe attorney. 

• FFL Vice President Sally A. Winn shares her personal story of facing an unplanned pregnancy while in college and declares “Abortion is a civil rights issue.”

• FFL Speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner shares her personal “Victory Over Violence” after being raped while working her way through college. 

• “Products of Conception,” personal story of abortion and working in an abortion clinic, by FFL editor Jewels Green 

• Former FFL board member Jessica O’Connor-Petts journey as a birthmother will move and inspire you as she explains why “adoption is an empowering option for women.” 

• Revolutionize your campus with resources and support for pregnant and parenting students. 

• Chaunie Brusie’s personal story as a pro-life activist who learns she is facing an unplanned pregnancy.  

• Exposing Coercion: Pregnant Women Stand Up” by Ann Lowrey Forster

• Angelica Rosales IS that exception for “life of the mother.”

• Chaunie Saelens Brusie learned she was pregnant while in college – and a pro-life activist.

• Joyce McCauley-Benner was raped, then learned she was pregnant.

• Melissa Ohden was aborted – and survived.

 FFL Recorded Interviews: 

• October 29, 2013 – FFL President Serrin Foster’s explains pro-life feminism during an interview on the Gist with CatholicTV based in Watertown, MA.

• July 17, 2013 – Hear FFL President Serrin Foster on NPR discussing late-term abortions — and refocusing the contentious debate on the unmet needs of women. Emmy-winner Michel Martin hosts.

• April 12, 2013 – Serrin on FOX News: When abortion comes in first, women come in last…

• January 22, 2010 – Feminists for Life President Serrin M. Foster was interviewed on National Public Radio’s “Tell Me More with Michel Martin” alongside partial-birth abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart.