Hear FFL President Serrin Foster on NPR!

Originally published July 17, 2013

Hear FFL President Serrin Foster discuss the lack of resources and support for pregnant women during an NPR interview today. The program focused on late-term abortions and other efforts to restrict — and expand — abortions in states such as Texas, New York, and California.

Michel Martin, host of Tell Me More, is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and correspondent for ABC News and National Public Radio and invited Serrin and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Connie Schultz both back to the show to address “The Politics of Abortion Rights and Restrictions.”

Previously, Serrin was on the Tell Me More program opposite Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who owns facilities in several states that perform late-term abortions. This year, a woman died after he performed a late-term abortion, and another woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance last week.

What can you do to promote the resources and support that women need and deserve?