AT AGE 16, I found out that I was pregnant, and I had an abortion to hide the truth that I was sexually active. The day after the abortion, I woke up and decided to pretend that the previous day had never happened. After that, I became sexually promiscuous and began smoking pot and sedating myself with alcohol.

At age 32, I realized that I had played God when I aborted my baby, and for the first time, I truly knew that I had taken the life of my baby. But my thoughts stopped there.

At age 34, I got sick and began a time of deep searching and seeking to understand the drive I had to be a perfectionist. One day while cleaning out my basement, I picked up my junior-year yearbook. When I opened it to look at my fellow classmates, I didn’t see them. Instead I felt the weight and physical-ness of my aborted baby in my arms. Immediately, I knew it was the baby I aborted, and I instantly became aware of all I had missed out on in being her mother (yes, it was a baby girl in my arms). No one was more shocked by this experience than I, and I started weeping and crying for what I lost.

At age 35, I went through an abortion recovery program called Forgiven and Set Free. I knew for the first time in my life the real meaning of peace, and I finally forgave myself.

At age 36, I began to consider this issue of abortion from another angle.

At age 38, I got involved in counseling other girls online. That’s when I truly understood the depth of pain experienced by many women, and I knew then that abortion hurts more than it helps and the truth needed to be told.

At age 42, I stand here because, after five years of counseling women who have been hurt by abortion, I can be silent no more. Women deserve better than abortion, and until our sisters are no longer forced to suffer the physical and psychological consequences, I will speak the truth: Abortion hurts women. And if you are hurting, there is help.

We will be Silent No More.
Testimony by Georgette Forney,
Executive Director or NOEL and
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