Protect women. Expose violence. Demand Justice.

FFL was the only pro-life group in the National Task Force on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence to work successfully for the Violence Against Women Act and the only feminist group to support Laci and Conner’s Law, also known as the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Abortion, pornography, stalking, intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault are all forms of exploitation and violence against women — and inconsistent with feminist principles of nonviolence, nondiscrimination, and justice for all.


Forward into Light

Insightful articles examining coerced abortion, pornography, stalking, intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault.

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• Introduction to Forward into Light

• Humanity Through the Lens of Pornography

• What You Don’t Know About Stalking

• Intimate Partner Violence

• Supporting Victims of Sexual Assault on Campus

• Men Strong Against Violence

• Having Her Day in Court: The Complexities of Prosecuting Rape

• The Slow Work Toward Freedom (the modern sex-trade)

• Coerced Abortion: One Woman’s Story

• States Confront Violence Through Pregnancy Assistance Fund

• We Remember Laci & Conner

• Rape and Abortion: A Double Injustice



Stories of Survivors

Click on the names below to read the personal stories taken from the “Hard Cases, Exceptional Choices” issue of The American Feminist®.

• Joyce McCauley-Benner

• Analyn Megison

• Heather Gemmen Wilson

• Anonymous

• Rebecca Kiessling

• Julia Schoch

• Incest and the Abortion Clinic

• Kristi Hofferber

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