Protect our daughters, born and unborn…

“Jane Doe” was just fourteen when she was seduced by Ghislaine Maxwell, shared with Jeffrey Epstein, then pressured to have an abortion before being gang raped and dumped on the lawn of her grandparents’ home — naked. 

Princes, politicians, and other powerful men are suspected of sexually abusing “Jane” and many other minors. It’s sick. And it has to stop.

Maybe this time, Jane Doe and others will get justice.

But I’d also like to know which abortion provider covered up rape by performing an abortion on a minor, without parental consent, without reporting it to the proper authorities. Maybe we’ll get more names than just the rapists’.

Maybe he — or she — will be held accountable, too.

Sadly, this is still happening to girls across this country. Maxwell preyed on the less privileged.

Parents and teens need to know there are more out there.

Every day, these predators treat these teens as nothing more than chattel.

We are ratcheting up our efforts to reach these young girls before Planned Parenthood and their surrogates, like Teen Vogue and Vox, can create more young victims.

Parents need to know that Teen Vogue and their ilk are teaching our daughters that they can be used for the pleasure of others.

Teen Vogue is actually teaching a new generation of girls and boys that it is OK to ask girls for nude pictures on Snapchat and other social media — and OK for girls to sext them.

And they call themselves “feminists.”

How many girls’ lives will they ruin?

These pimps for predators need to be exposed as much as Epstein and Maxwell.

Abortion advocates are also working harder than ever with new strategies to reach teenage girls so they go behind their parents’ backs to get an abortion.

Who got her pregnant? Whom are they covering for? They don’t ask. They don’t care.

They just take the money, take their child — and create another horrific memory that can’t be erased.

How many times do we have to say this: Statutory rape IS rape.

The abortion clinics that cover for predators destroy the lives of both teens and their unborn children and need to be exposed for who and what they are.

And as feminists — as Feminists for Life — there is no one better to stand up against these predators and to stand up for these young women — and for their children.

Our role is to reach women and teenage girls before they are used and abused, and before they EVER get near an abortion clinic!


Boys deserve better, too.

Teens need to know that their worth is more than someone using and abusing their bodies — and that they are priceless.

We take that and build on it by moving forward with pro-woman, pro-life solutions.

As we develop outreach in a variety of new ways — as only Feminists for Life can do — you know I really need your help.

We don’t have big pockets like most pro-life groups with multimillion dollar budgets.

But we produce like we are!

We are holding on, because of people like you. But I have to say in all honesty: We can’t live on reserves for much longer.

Help us help her. Because we can’t help “her” without you.

We need to develop these programs in time for the school year to begin.

At home or in person, predators plan to find them. With your help, we will reach them first.

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America
Women Deserve Better
& The American Feminist’

P.S. Right now, Teen Vogue, Vox, and other Planned Parenthood surrogates are treating our priceless daughters as chattel.

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We follow in the footsteps of great women and men, and with your help, the next generation will be spared being used and abused by predators, and suffering abortions. Help us fulfill our mission!