Precious new video celebrates children with special needs!

In anticipation of World Down Syndrome Day (which as you may know is celebrated on March 21 (3/21) because Down syndrome is caused by the existence of three copies of the 21st chromosome, instead of the more common two), Feminists for Life celebrates the lives of people with Down syndrome with our new video. We urge you to like and share this video from our YouTube page!

We also want you to know that, like you, Feminists for Life of America has adjusted to meet the needs of those we serve during this pandemic while keeping our staff safe and have reviewed measures in case one of us or a family member falls ill to ensure ongoing support for collegians and those at risk (PLEASE SEE BELOW!) will not be disrupted.

You likely know that all of our spring campus events have been canceled for now, including Miami University and the University of Dayton, unfortunately after driving all the way to Ohio! But Dayton Right to Life scrambled to organize a fantastic impromptu event for adults before I turned around and returned to Northern Virginia. I thank them!

We continue to celebrate Women’s History Month and the Centennial Celebration (because yes, we all need a break from the nonstop news).

But as an agile organization, you may have noticed our new series leading you to visit timely articles on our helpsite, I urge you to share them.

FFL is going to focus uniquely on women who are caregivers and provide top tips and solutions as we walk with moms in need during this special year, now marred by the virus.

You and yours may want to know:

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Finally, thank you so much for your support during this difficult time for all of us, especially the most vulnerable. With our collective efforts, we can get through this stronger than ever, for everyone. Take good care!

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America