NObody is going to tell US whom to talk to…

The vast majority of Feminists for Life of America donors, members, and followers on social media “get it.” But recently, we’ve been criticized by some who believe we should only talk to those on the left — or just the right.

FFL seeks to reach feminists who are not pro-life as well as pro-lifers who are not feminists.

So besides reaching out to a million viewers who might not embrace feminism during my recent appearance on Huckabee, I am also excited to write for Naomi Wolf’s website Daily Clout that reaches a million millennials, many of whom support abortion.

During the past few months, I have been busy contributing op-eds and being interviewed on a variety of subjects to reach millions more who read or listen to America, National Review, Christianity Today, Sirius XM’s The Catholic Channel, Angelus, and The Washington Post. My speech, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion,” was published by Human Life Review. Other Board members, supporters, and staff were interviewed by The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Washington Examiner, NBC Washington, WMAL, The Washington Free Beacon, National Review, and EWTN and even appeared live from the March for Life Youth Rally. (Please go to our News page for our extensive coverage!)

Similarly, when I speak on college campuses, I don’t call anyone names, either feminists who support abortion on the left or pro-lifers on the right.

Ask yourself: Have you ever been convinced to join a movement by being insulted from the get-go?

While many groups feel more comfortable talking only to those who share their same faith, political affiliation, or position on issues, at FFL we engage with all people in hopes of persuading them to both our pro-woman and pro-life philosophies.

I love meeting our pro-life student organizers!

And I am also thrilled to talk to — not “at” — feminists who are the vast majority on campus who come to protest but end up agreeing with us on most everything! Most important, many hearts are converted, and they agree to work with us for pregnancy and parenting support.

Frankly, isn’t this what we are called to do?

As Feminists for Life, you and I recognize that:
students in university overwhelmingly believe in feminism,
 campuses are overwhelmingly run by feminist administrators and professors,
 pro-life feminism is alive, well, and still trending after 46 years of hard work by FFL,
 pro-life feminism is a bridge to those we need to reach most, and
 pro-life feminism is TRUE feminism.
Our goal isn’t to put people into corners, but to realize pro-lifers and feminists can come together to solve the problems women face — and you can be both!

Pro-life students crave UNITY — not divisiveness. The pro-life feminist bridge is key to changing the conversation by meeting feminists where they are at with pro-life choices! We have the answer: Bring FFL to campus!

As I look back at this semester that started with over a dozen events this January, with thousands and thousands of placards declaring “Peace Begins in the Womb™,” “Women Deserve Better® than Abortion,” and “All People are Equal/All Choices are Not™,” I offer my thanks to all our volunteers across the country who led efforts in their cities!

All of this took money, along with shipments of kits to pro-life student groups after a packed event at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference at Georgetown University that brought students in from across the country, the largest student-led pro-life conference in the country!

I just returned from meeting an incredible and diverse group of students at Johns Hopkins University — most of whom came to protest but loved our solutions — and James Madison University. They both hope to host an FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum(SM) next year!

And we just published “reCLAIM YOUR VOICE,” inspired by the #MeToo movement, but written with our consistent pro-life feminist voice. (You should get your copy in the next week or so. Please be sure your support is current. We can check for you if you are unsure.)

So now, after strategically putting your donations to good use, the coffers are low again.

We are committed to march forth on campus and through the media, despite counterproductive efforts by extremists on either side who just talk at each other — or worse.

We are just as determined to reach those at highest risk as well as our future leaders. THIS is why Feminists for Life is so necessary.

As you look around the pro-life movement, so many groups now share the history we revealed, our messaging, and programs you helped fund, which have been shared with generations of students. Some of these students, who were first inspired by FFL, are now emerging leaders of this movement.

And now it’s time to plant the seeds for the next generation. We can’t afford to push them away! We need to meet them where they are.

I ask you to please carefully and thoughtfully consider your most generous gift — or better yet — monthly gift so that we can afford to do more and better.

Because women deserve better,




Serrin M. Foster

P.S. Perhaps you have a bit left over from your increased paycheck or perhaps your tax return.

Help us speak to both sides on the Hill, on campus, and through the media and our social media by giving now. Please think what we can accomplish by reaching those who need FFL most. Thank you!