November 27, 2023

It’s back…

For those of us that thought partial birth abortion was a thing of the past, think again. Numerous states want limitless abortion, and as Dobbs returned abortion to the states, Michigan and many other states are bringing it back—or trying. 

For those of you that don’t know, during this brutal type of abortion, the woman’s cervix is preemptively and mechanically forced open against her body’s will—hence, a process that takes three days.

The baby is turned around to come out head last instead of first, which is extremely dangerous. This procedure can render her cervix incompetent to retain any future babies until they would be fully developed for birth. 

And if this wasn’t bad enough (sensitive pro-life readers, you really should stop here. If you believe in abortion, read on. This is for your knowledge.)

The baby is intentionally stopped before the head emerges, (the head must remain in the mother or else the baby is considered “born alive”), and she or he is stabbed at the base of the skull to open a hole and a tube is inserted to collapse the brain, killing the child.

I know. What kind of monsters would do this??

And what kind of people would support this? I prefer to believe mostly uneducated ones. People who who have been lied to by abortion advocates, who wrap themselves in the flag of freedom and other euphemisms—and don’t spend a moment to understand what is really going on. 

A baby doesn’t need to die before it’s time for anyone to be free.

And those who do know what it is at stake? Well, they are complicit, too. Pulling a lever to make limitless abortions part of a state constitution or legal by-any-means-necessary is not compassionate. It’s anti-woman and anti-child.

Those who are obsessed by abortion, any way, any means, and for any cost will pretend they care about the woman. They will tell you it could be an emergency situation. Lies.

If that was true, then why would they take three days to do this to her? Why would they stop to turn the baby the wrong way and then stop her from coming out? Because some want intact whole babies for research, that’s why.

Lies cost lives. And they are paid handsomely. The bigger the baby, the bigger the pay day. The later the abortion, the higher the cost. The more women coming in, the more money flowing into the business.

Or they will call the child a “gross fetal anomaly.” After working for passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, after knowing what a gift people with disabilities are to us, after hearing that they want to live, why would we do this? 

The truth is that some teens and women have hidden their pregnancies to keep their babies, and some then seek later term abortions when they realize the father of the baby or her parents won’t support her. Maybe her school or her employer won’t accommodate her needs. 

The truth is that the woman is awake during this procedure. Her child is kicking inside her womb. Both mother and child feel pain. She still labors, only to deliver a corpse. Is this OK with you? I doubt it.

So we will not stand by silently and allow this massacre on a large scale to continue–and even get worse in these states.

After the heartbreaking loss in Ohio, Marilyn Kopp, whose collection of letters to the editor have been carefully curated for her new book, Peace Begins in the Womb: Reflections from a Pro-Life Feminist recently wrote about this in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

In Dayton, Martin Haskell, who perfected this brutal procedure spent $100,000 to keep his business alive at the cost of children’s lives. 

I hope you will take what Marilyn and I have written and share it, especially in states where it is not too late.

Life is worth living!! Every. Single. Life. No exceptions. 

This fight is going to be harder than overturning Roe.

Like suffrage, this is going to take all of us pushing together.

In 1868, novelist turned activist Eleanor Kirk linked the need for women’s rights with the need to protect the unborn. When a woman told her that suffrage was unnecessary because she and her husband were “one,” Kirk asked what would become of her babies if her husband ceased to provide for them. She wrote,

“What will become of the babies—did you ask—and you? Can you not see that the idea is to educate women that they may be self-reliant, self-sustaining, self-respected? The wheel is a big one, and needs a strong push, and a push all together, giving to it an impulse that will keep it constantly revolving, and the first revolution must be Female Suffrage…. God speed the time, for the sake of the babies. Little ones will then be welcome…

This labor of love will take a big push, too. And a push all together. I need your help, for the moms, for the babes, for the dads, for all of us who want to live in a world that values every life.

Because women deserve better, and every child deserves life and love,

Serrin M. Foster

P.S. Abortion practitioners and their agents have the money. We have the truth. But the truth must get out earlier to reach people where they are. As heralds, we know we have the tools to get the message out there. Women deserve better. Please, on this Giving Tuesday, power this effort now while your single gift will be matched, while new or increased gifts will be double-matched, and corporate matches will double your gift yet again. 

For your gift of $125 or morewe will send you an autographed copy of Marilyn’s book, “Peace Begins in the Womb.” Please, dig deep. Thank you.

*Based on the CDC report summarizing data on legal induced abortions for 2021 that were provided voluntarily to CDC by the central health agencies of 49 reporting areas (47 states, the District of Columbia, and New York City, excluding California, Maryland, and New Hampshire.) Also note that not all areas report gestational age, so the number is likely higher.