Forward Into Light

Dear Feminists for Life,

In the pages that follow, I don’t just see abstractions. I see my family, friends, and, yes, myself.

As feminists, we know that there is a dark spectrum of violence. Abortion is one of many forms of violence against women.

While we never invite pain, if we can work through tragedy with love and support, we can take the worst things that can happen to us and use them to become better, stronger people. We can better relate to each other and turn something terrible into motivation to help others.

If you have experienced one of the forms of violence we consider in this issue, please be gentle with yourself. When you are ready, you may find help within these pages.

If you see yourself as someone with a propensity to perpetrate violence, I urge you to find help now.

Today, we stand in solidarity with women who have experienced terrible tragedies. 

Today, we work to illuminate difficult issues in the knowledge that we can unite as pro-life feminists to prevent violence and protect women. And together, we will work for justice.

Because women — and men and children — deserve better,

SMF sig

Serrin M. Foster