What if she just doesn’t want it?

It’s more complicated than that. We can address each of her concerns working together for peaceful solutions.

Guttmacher Institute statistics show that there are reasons, often financial or emotional, why a woman feels she must have an abortion. We must work toward the systematic elimination of the reasons that coerce women into an abortion.

We oppose abortion in all cases because violence is a violation of basic feminist principles.

Adoption is one way to affirm the early feminists’ position on voluntary motherhood. If a woman chooses not to parent, there are a variety of adoption options that she can explore (open or closed, direct or indirect updates with photos). She should know, for example, that agencies in some states offer more comprehensive benefits (for example, compensation for lost scholarships, housing and other living expenses, health care, moving expenses, etc.) to birth mothers.

What if she has every resource and all the support and still doesn’t want it?

We don’t always know at the beginning how things will turn out. Many women report that their feelings change throughout the pregnancy.

Feminism demands justice for all, especially those most vulnerable.

Women are capable of overcoming the unexpected, and making nonviolent choices. We need to support their life-affirming choices—including adoption options as well as marital or single parenthood.

– FFL President, Serrin M. Foster

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