Urgent Update about Damian

3.2.23 Update: Damian has been transported to a hospital better able to care for major heart attacks. He is on a ventilator and remains sedated. 

3.3.23 Update: Damian has been put on dialysis. He is still sedated and intubated. For updates, please visit St. Mary’s Amityville Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/StMarysAmityville

His family welcomes prayers and well-wishes.  Thank you for understanding that no visits, flowers, balloons, or medical questions or suggestions are appropriate.

3.4.23 Update: He is still sedated, intubated, and on dialysis. Nothing new to report.

3.8.23 Update: Damian remains in grave condition in critical care. His family appreciates your prayers and well wishes. — Serrin

3.15.23 Update: Damian remains in critical condition, but stable. His family is grateful for your ongoing prayers, well wishes, and inquiries — as are we. — Serrin

3.17.23 Update: Damian is being transferred to New York Presbyterian Hospital. The cardiac team at Saint Francis has done all that can be done there, and recommended this plan as the only way forward. This will be the third hospital that he has been to since his heart attack on March 1st. He remains sedated and extremely critical. — Serrin

3.19.23 Update: From St. Mary’s Amityville: Unfortunately Damian has taken a turn for the worse at NY Presbyterian hospital. Father Geminder and Donna are at the hospital by Damian’s side. Please keep your prayers going for Damian and the family as always.

3.21.23 Update: Damian remains critical but stable! NY Presbyterian Hospital is a three-hour round trip trek (sans traffic) for his parents, but they are grateful for exceptional care by a dedicated medical team in this world-class center. The family thanks you again for prayers and well-wishes, as do we. Serrin

3.28.23 Update: Athough he is terribly weak, Damian continues to fight for his life. He remains extremely critical but stable. Thank you all for your ongoing concern and prayers. — Serrin

4.4.23 Update: Damian remains in critical care and stable. The family thanks you for your ongoing inquiries and prayers.

4.18.23 Update: Damian’s family reports that he remains in critical but stable condition. Thank you for remembering Damian, his parents and sister as well as Damian’s medical team.

Damian J. Geminder, FFL Public Education Director and Editor has suffered a massive heart attack and is in critical condition. He has received a stent and has been intubated. They are considering bypass surgery and a transplant as massive damage has been done to his heart and quite possibly other organs. The doctors are baffled that a healthy 33-year-old and nonsmoker with no history of heart disease has experienced this.

His father, Rev. Jon Geminder called to let me know and ask for prayers. Damian is one of the smartest, funniest, most loving persons I know and depend on for so much at FFL. Please bear with us as we work without him for now.