So you believe that a tiny speck — a zygote, blastocyst, embryo, or fetus — has rights over a woman?

Women aren’t stupid. We know it’s a baby that is growing just like we did in our mother’s wombs. That is why most women who feel they have emotional and financial support don’t have abortions.

I don’t believe in discrimination based on size, age or location. Do you believe that a child has less of a right to exist because he or she is small? Are large or tall people more valuable than small or short people? By that logic, most women would have fewer rights than men!

For years, abortion advocates have been pitting women against their unborn children, dehumanizing the growing child with misleading phrases like “blobs of cells” and “products of conception.”

Fetus is a Latin word meaning “young child” or “young one.” But in practice, fetus has become a clinical, dehumanized term for an unborn child.

Imagine if some group tried to deny medical care for gravidas. Once someone figured out that was the Latin word for pregnant women, the bewilderment would quickly shift to outrage.

– FFL President, Serrin M. Foster

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