December 18, 2023

Reproductive INJustice

Pro-lifers are constantly being lectured by abortion businesses and their surrogates framing abortion as “reproductive justice.” 

We know that abortion has nothing to do with “reproducing.”

And abortion does nothing to provide “justice” to women—as well as their children.

There is no “reproductive justice” without the support for women to give birth and raise their children—and the right of children to be born.

There is no “justice” for an innocent baby whose life is snuffed out. There is NO justification for taking the life of a tiny human being who hasn’t done anything but grow inside their mother’s womb—they don’t deserve the death penalty. 

Again and again, we must invite others to join us to systematically eliminate the reasons that drive women to abortion

We know why women have abortions—and they aren’t EVER thinking, “Oh, I need an abortion because I want justice.” 

No. They are thinking about how they are going to make it without the love and support of the father of the child, her parents, her school, her employer, her conditional “friends,” and roommates. 

If in high school, she may hide the sex by having an abortion. She isn’t worrying about her future fertility or other side effects later in life. No. She is worrying about disappointing or angering her parents NOW. She is concerned about how her friends, frenemies, and enemies will turn on her. 

If in college, she is wondering where she is going to live, how will she afford the baby, and will she be able to complete her education. She fears the lack of support from the father of their child.

If she is poor, including those who are already struggling to feed born children and other dependents, she is wondering how she will feed and care for another.

If she is working, she may not know how she can take off for doctor’s appointments, maternity leave, and when her child is sick.

If she is living with an abuser who doesn’t want children, she may be so run down that she has no faith in herself.

You may be thinking that I am justifying abortion. Absolutely not. We must meet the needs of women with solutions

We are calling on everyone to raise expectations and work together to systematically eliminate the reasons that drive women to abortion. Each one of us can do something to support the most vulnerable women and children. And it feels good to contribute!

If you are in school or at work, you can help create policies, connect to or create solutions on campus, and communicate them to women in need. And we are here to help. Contact us now.

You can support local, state, or national efforts for the poor and the abused. Be an advocate when we call out opportunities to contact your legislators.

You can support our work on our Women Deserve Better helpsite by contributing articles. Contact us now if you have expertise or are simply a good writer. We have assignments. And you can share the resources using our brochures or downloadable ads!

And we have other opportunities at FFL. (See this link for more information about openings!)

Of course, this is the time to ensure that we have the funding to accelerate our efforts. 

Please, give now while the three-way, year-end match is on. Because we DO want justice for women and their children—born and unbornWe have solutions. Now we need to build capacity for the next steps. 

Thank you in advance for your contribution of time, talent, and treasure—because there is no greater treasure than seeing the love in a mother’s eyes when she meets her newborn. 

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster