Rape is Rape–no matter what…

Feminists for Life opposes all forms of violence against women and children — including abortion and rape. By definition, every rape is nonconsensual. Every rape is forced. There are no exceptions.

Every rape is wrong. That includes sexual assaults committed by acquaintances and family members as well as by strangers, statutory rape of minors, sexual assaults committed by or against one or more persons, sexual assaults of men and boys as well as women and girls, rape by coercion, rape employing physical force, rape employing alcohol or drugs such as Rohypnol, and rape by sex traffickers and johns (both domestic and international).

Every rape and every abortion betrays our feminist principles of nonviolence, nondiscrimination, and justice for all.

Feminists for Life demands an end to violence and discrimination in every circumstance and will continue to support efforts that prevent violence against women through resources, support, and education. We also support the prosecution of those who commit acts of violence against women and children.

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Feminists for Life urges consistency in our laws, focus on prevention, and provision of support for those who have experienced various forms of violence.