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YouTubethumbnailUnderstand the complex issues surrounding sexual assault (including statutory rape, gang rape, victims drugged with Rohypnol, and men as rape victims), pregnancy as a result of rape, and how first wave feminists dealt with marital rape. FFL President Serrin Foster focuses on both the woman and the child and talks about prosecution and state legislation to protect rape victims from forced visitation to visit the convicted rapist in prison.

Click here to listen to Serrin discuss the important issues surrounding sexual assault on EWTN’s Morning Glory radio program.

Feminists for Life has been advocating for rape victims, rape survivors, and their children for 45 years, but we need your support now more than ever. We hope that you can come to one or more of the following major events in Austin, New York City, Orlando, and Philadelphia. (See below.) Please forward this to a friend or family member if he or she is in any of these areas.

If you feel able to support these events and our other efforts, gifts of $45, $450, $4,500, or any amount are deeply appreciated as we work to fulfill the unrealized vision of Susan B. Anthony and other first wave feminists who refused to choose.

Because women deserve better,
Damian J. Geminder
Editor & Media Coordinator